"Three things are necessary for a good pianist: the head, the heart, the fingers"

(Wolfang Amadeus Mozart)

Musician, explorer of sonorous worlds, great connoisseur of different cultures, traveler, rich of personal and professional experiences, especially outside Europe: inspired by the desire to know people, souls, cultures, other worlds , other languages ...

She studied in Milan and got her piano diploma at the Conservatory, then in Paris, at the European Conservatory with Fidler and finally with the great Maestro G. Cziffra. After the French experience, she also got diploma of harpsichord ( Milan Conservatory), after four years of study with Maestro Ottavio Dantone (Conservatory of Lugano).

Passionate about chamber music, after a Viennese break, she deepened her studies by studying and collaborating with Masters Sirbu, Chiarappa, Sigrist and Brainin (Amadeus quartet) without forgetting vocal chamber music, developed with Daniela Uccello for the Italian repertoire and with Fidler for the French and German repertoire.

Travelling all over Brazil and south America she has become an expert in the musical repertoire of this area of the world, she played not only as pianist, but also as a harpsichordist, in different chamber groups.

She was the first pianist in Italy to propose the repertoire of Charles Edward Ives. She has been widely acclaimed by critics and the public and has always played brazilian music with Brazilian soprano Marcia Guimaraes and Ana Victoria Pitts.

She played also première performances with Masters Ennio Morricone, Pasquotti, Greenbaum and Bonetti Amendola in Italy and abroad, and first European première of South American authors: Mignone, Camargo Guarnieri, Santoro, Guastavino, Nazareth, Nobre.

She has recorded for RAI Trade (Galileo's Dream), Pan-Pot Records (Nazareth: Brazilian Soul), New Sounds (Vidi Aquam) and Da Vinci Publishing; she is preparing the next one on Villa Lobos.

She collaborated in Italy with Radio Vaticana, Radio Rai 3 ("La stanza della Musica" and "Radio Tre Suite"), with Canale 5 and with RETE4; in Brazil for TV Culture and Radio Camara, in Croatia for HTR.

She has won awards in international competitions with the Contrarco Trio.

She is the creative and artistic director of musical projects, including:

"Allegro with Saudade"©: on Brazilian Classical Music (here also as conductor of a chamber orchestra), Première in 2016 at the Torlonia Theater in Rome. The project has been sponsored by Brazilian Embassy in Rome, IILA Institute, Italy-Brazil Association among others.

"Alma and the others ..."©: a contemporary interpretation, in musical and theatrical performance, of the repertoire (unknown and sometimes intentionally forgotten) of women music. The project was sponsored by seven universities, including that of Venice and that of Grenoble ones

"Musicaust"©: concert about composers and musicians during the Holocaust time: some deportees, others "only" discriminated and hidden. Not only the difficulty of being a woman in sexist world but the "guilt of being Jewish": a collective awareness of the fact that the man was capable of it, an awareness of what has happened and which must not be repeated.

"Chorus Africa": aims to give Italian-African children the opportunity to approach African musical culture through the teaching of singing, percussion and dance under her direction and that of African artists living in Italy.

She follows the conducting courses of Yoichi Sugiyama debuting with the Milano Classica Chamber Orchestra in 2018. She also teaches at the university level from 2003: she is professor of piano and chamber music at the Fondazione Milano, department of classical music, AFAM section of Miur

She has taught courses on Italian Chamber Music and Vocal Chamber Music at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the Federal University of Rio Grande de Norte and the Federal University of Salvador de Bahia, as well as some master classes at Unesp de S. Paulo in Brazil and at the Villa Lobos Academy in Rio de Janeiro; recently, a master class on Brazilian vocal music in Milan and was invited to the first international congress on the Portuguese language in music(2012) and First International Congress on Brazilian Choro in Reggio Calabria (2019). Her biography is present in the Deumm encyclopedia (Vol. update n. 5 page 141).