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Allegro with Saudade

"Cultured Brazilian Music" from the period between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, reproposed with modern arrangements, which had its Premi√®re in February 2016 in Rome. Many of these authors are Italian native musicians with a legacy of classical European musical training, who have been contaminated by sounds, rhythms, the colors of the earth that welcomed them. Allegro with Saudade è is a musical journey that starts from classical music over a century ago to arrive at today's unmistakable Brazilian style. The title of the show uses two words in their own way unique, universal and untranslatable.

Allegro è is a term of the Italian language, but it is even more a musical indication, a color of artistic interpretation, and it is in Italian because ours is the language of music, used all over the world. Saudade is a Portuguese word, closely linked to the soul and nature of Brazilian culture, untranslatable except by using more concepts: lack, melancholy, nostalgia. Together, they represent in their uniqueness and in their encounter the nature of what we are looking for.

During the concert, pieces by Villa Lobos and Camargo Guarnieri, Ernesto Nazareth and Radames Gnattali are performed, which have been able to create a truly unique and original national matrix.