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Di Pasqualeturns out to be a sensitive and adequate interpreter ... she is a shrewd companion, always eager to support the vocal phrasing and to support every pause of the two-way journey ... Di Pasquale offers us a convincing, sometimes transgress, image linear traits, with some implications even frivolous ... and it is in the interesting Three Page sonata for piano, entrusted to his care, that she turns out once again sensitive and adequate interpreter. (Il Mattino)

Thepart of the concert that most excited the audience, especially for the skill of the pianist, endowed with sensitivity and rhythm, invited with long applause to go out three times before the end of the concert ... (La Repubblica)

Mas "Master", "M" as "Miriam". A sweet personality but with the same biting intensity when she carries on her ideas. From the thousand experiences also suffered, to the teaching of ancient values but always essential for the correct continuation of culture and humanity. Di Pasquale's piano also echoes the screams of the deportees and the children who suffer from those deficiencies that too often see us still far away. In a "civilized" world women still remain marginalized. Thank you for making these screams resound in notes that are colored in order to come out of the darkness. (L'ideale)

A beautiful group of professionals has traveled the tour of the 'classic' Americans ... Ives who invokes the tradition of a theme on the name Bach and bombards it with different rhythms (Three Page Sonata) performed by Maria Di Pasquale, flexible pianist ... (Corriere della Sera)

Lagiovane ed affermata concertistica ha dimostrato di possedere doti interpretative non comuni ... attraverso una lettura attenta e diversificata. ... In quest'occasione la Di Pasquale si è rivelata non solo un'ottima collaboratrice, ma soprattutto interprete sensibile, in possesso di una solida preparazione tecnico-stilistica. (La Tribuna)

Theyoung and established pianist has shown to have uncommon interpretative qualities ... through a careful and diversified reading. ... On this occasion, Di Pasquale turned out to be not only a great collaborator, but also, above all, a sensitive interpreter, in possession of a solid technical and stylistic preparation ... (La Tribuna)

Plasticityand polychromy of sound like the characteristics of touch, by the Italian pianist Maria di Pasquale. Sensitivity, yes, but a technique that is hard earned ... admirably ... (Diàrio de Notìzias)

AtCasa Menotti, ... in the most authentic spirit of the Festival of the Two Worlds, Maria di Pasquale, world popularizer of the cultured Brazilian repertoire and inspired performer (il Giornale dell'Umbria)

Insteadof the programming that proceeds wearily on the usual tracks of the European tradition ....., the duo this time at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan, designed a very pleasant and insinuating portrait of the Brazilian twentieth century, presenting in European premiere pages by F. Mignone, O. Lacerda, and C. Guarnieri. (Amadeus Magazine)

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Impulse Music Miriam (press)

In Rome we met Maria Di Pasquale, pianist and harpsichordist, performer and arranger of music of great composers of classical and modern music - she worked for example with Ennio Morricone - but also offers her own compositions, rich as she of charm, femininity and endless skill. Deep connoisseur of different cultures, a traveler not only in musical interpretations, she has a vast wealth of professional, human and cultural experiences. ...  (Massimiliano Gold)