Musicaust recalls the story of all the musicians who were killed, deported, interned; those who survived the horror of the Holocaust after having spent a "death-living" in the Nazi-fascist camps or who had to hide due to escape persecution.

For some it was a question of living their last hours perhaps with dignity, doing what most elevated the human being: playing. Music thus became a great "instrument of resistance" and a concert of feminine memory is the metaphor that, as women, we try to propose because we are aware of the inheritance received and aware of the need to deliver intentions.

There were clandestine concerts in the occupied Amsterdam, organized by Rosy Wertheim; the compositions of Henriette Bosmans; who spent those gloomy experiences, like the violinist Alma Rosé, nephew of Gustav Malher, who was director of the women's orchestra in Auschwitz; or the cellist Anita Lasker Wallfish and Ilse Weber, whose poems and passages have survived. There was also the pianist Alice Herz-Sommer who managed to save her own and her son's life thanks to her iron character.

These are women who managed to remain anchored to their inner strength, a creative energy and mother, a driving force capable of sharing and aggregating, an unconditional love.

This concert-event wants to give light to those women who, as mothers and musicians, managed to transform their tearing desperation, sublimate it, transform it into that subtle lock so as to open a gap, to allow them to perceive themselves and to others, "to live", to a small extent, that perfect, complete and loving higher world.

Musicaust is not just a concert. In addition to the pieces played there are testimonies told, read or represented through the projection of works by painters and women who have spent the extermination period.

Along with art and photography exhibitions, the show will try to make people understand the extent of what it was. The title of the event will be "Jews by chance". The show was also adapted for children with the title One, two, three star.